The backward, near barbarian tribesmen of Isauria, a mountainous region in the southern interior of Asia Minor (q.v.). Isauria was the only part of the empire that could furnish large numbers of native, warlike soldiers, and Leo I (q.v.) recruited them in large numbers to counteract the German control of the eastern army in the guise of Aspar and the Ostrogoths (qq.v.). In 466 Leo married his daughter Ariadne (q.v.) to the Isaurian chieftain Tarasicodissa, who took the name Zeno (q.v.). During Zeno's reign (474-491) the ascendancy of the Germans was replaced by Isaurian influence. When Zeno died, the Isaurians were suppressed by Anastasios I (q.v.). After the last of the rebel leaders were killed in 497, large numbers of Isaurians were transported to Thrace (q.v.) where they were settled in colonies.

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